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Modifikasi Honda Supra X 2006

Secretly Blitar motor able of blood-tingling performances modification in the country. With Honda Supra 2006 as a agrarian abstraction of the media, the plan of the twins Ardi Birmansyah and Arno Suranca abounding shows innovation. It looks stout with the abstraction of a naked duck.

"This is a authentic conception of the TPF (Twin Cilia Planet) and we do not wish to change a motor sport. That's the challenge," commented Arno. Usually, the affair of nude identical to motor sport.

To amuse his obsession, the adjustment does not accept to be cut and modified. Including the position of the catchbasin beneath the seat, that allotment will be retained.

Radical changes apparent in the arm swing. New architecture with filigree archetypal as is generally done in deltabox motor sport. This is absolutely one of the characteristics of motor action addition naked. Because its action is vital, abundant adamant aqueduct 2 inches in bore absorbed there.

Because the beat arm bare, it is added applicable that the individual rear abeyance (Monoshock), utilizing a Suzuki Satria 120R. Continues, a abounding custom body, according to Arno, self-designed individual seater model.

For motor fast impression, again abate the ascetic contrived. The centermost of the array fabricated added anatomy appearance deltabox application bottle cilia material.

Notice the two auto are wide. It's in fact bootleg and Arno ensure that altitude are strong. Front abeyance models upside down aswell the works themselves. Interestingly, the bifold bankrupt tip is a aberration of the car.

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