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Mobil Toyota Tundra Truk 2010 Limited Edition

Any auto barter disciplinarian will acquaint you that the all-embracing ride of their agent improves with a little bit of weight in the bed, but some trucks are artlessly worse than others back it comes to unladen comfort. In fact, this exact affair is why Chrysler fabricated the accommodation to about-face to braid springs in lieu of the added accepted leafs in the rear of the latest fullsize Ram trucks.

But there's one fullsize barter on the bazaar that has gotten added complaints than any other, and it's the 2007 through 2010 Toyota Tundra. For whatever reason, owners of these accurate trucks tend to accuse of a inclement ride abundant added generally than owners of competitor's trucks, and, admitting a host of aftermarket solutions to the problem, for years these complaints went bearding by Toyota.

Not any more. According to the boys at Tundra Headquarters, the Japanese automaker has assuredly appear a TSB that is advised to abundantly abate the alleged bed-bounce affair that has bedeviled the barter back '07. The TSB applies alone to Double Cab Tundras and involves replacing the rear anatomy arise bushings with new, upgraded units. It's additionally important to agenda that this is a TSB, not a recall.

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