Motor Yamaha Xeon 125 VS Honda Vario CBS Techno 125cc | Foto Gambar Modifikasi Motor 2010
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Motor Yamaha Xeon 125 VS Honda Vario CBS Techno 125cc

Motor Yamaha Xeon 125 VS Honda Vario CBS Techno 125cc

This new skutik equipped kitchen Yamaha 124cc 4 stroke SOHC runway two valves with radiator. Almost certainly the engine that is used on the Mio 125 is a bore down version of the Yamaha Nouvo Elegance.
Nouvo Elegance has a bore size = 54 X X stroke 57.9 mm, the Mio 125 is a smaller shaft but only 52.4 mm strokenya same, 57.9 mm.
When measured this new Mio counted so the engine capacity of 124cc. Certainly greater than the Honda Vario Techno which only has a capacity of 108cc net.
But Honda Vario Techno machines are also both have adopted water cooling and has been equipped with auto choke. In the morning without having to pull the choke lever, the machine will still be easy to live.
Another advantage is the Yamaha has applied its diasil cylinders and forged pistons are supposed to use this material is more durable. Unfortunately, despite the engine specifications in the brochure Mio 125 is superior, but Yamaha does not list the maximum power and torque.
The important thing is not to be lower than the Vario Techno ranging power Ps 8.99. Can be wasteful larger engine capacity 16cc!
But when talk of design and safety features, it seems Honda is still slightly superior. By design, the Mio 125 looks just like a minor version change from Mio Soul. Mio 125 and Vario Techno equally adopted two big lights on his chest. Even so Vario Techno appear more futuristic.
Being a safety and its features, the Yamaha did not want to miss a pair of a magnetic lock on the ignition key to the house. Likewise console and box under the seat large enough size. But an excellent safety Techno Vario Combi brake application system (CBS), which claimed to be able to help braking.
Also features his side stand switch to make the machine off automatically when the next standard in the open. This will keep the rider from negligence forgot to turn off engines when parked vehicle. Besides parking brake lock also keeps the motor stay safe when parked on uneven ground conditions.

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